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Worst Performances in Week 13 Part 2

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Second part of our list for the worst performances, we go to the clearly bad decisions made on Week 13 coming from inexperienced players and veterans alike, making their teams unable to progress in their standings in their divisions or completely halting any playoff chances.

Austin Davis – Browns QB

Impressively, a player with a 3-5 mark as a starter, he could not do much about one of the best defenses in the league and we can not blame Davis for the defeat at all, Cleveland is a disastrous team, but we can blame him for the poor offensive performance.

Special Equipment Patriots

It has been the first time the Patriots have lost two straight games since 2012, and much of the blame for this defeat was on their special teams. Just before the first half, a blocked punt returned for touchdown marked the beginning of the Eagles needed comeback, later, in the third quarter, Darren Sproles returned an 83 yard punt, not only that, on three punt returns, the Pats got only three yards.

The Lions

The way they lost, and what that loss could cost the team in the near future. Detroit has progressively awakened in recent weeks, and against the Packers, at the beginning of the match, looked like they had everything under control, but allowed to be reached and to only think about the last play of the game is sad for the team.

DeSean Jackson – Redskins WR

Can there be a worse kick return in the history of the NFL? Surely yes, but to find a worse one this year is difficult, especially for what it cost the Redskins, the game obviously and perhaps even the playoffs.

Saints Defensive

The Saints’ defense has been the worst year round, but this weekend indeed they fell to the very bottom of the list, if they had not already done so, the Panthers and Cam Newton passed over them without hesitation. Many changes will definately come to the New Orleans squad.

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