How Landry and Taylor Can Improve The Browns

by David Dunbar in Sports News

The Cleveland Browns on March 9 acquired wide receiver Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins and quarterback Tyrod Taylor from the Buffalo Bills giving them an offensive combination that should help them next season and gives them flexibility in the … Continue reading

richard sherman seahawks 2017

Richard Sherman Released by The Seattle Seahawks

by David Dunbar in Sports News

For the seven years of his entire NFL career cornerback Richard Sherman has been an integral part of the Seattle Seahawks defense, but that’s about to change as he was released by the team on Friday. Sherman, who’s been an … Continue reading

baker mayfield oklahoma sooners

Why Baker Mayfield Is The Best QB In The 2018 NFL Draft

by David Dunbar in Sports News

Baker Mayfield is simply the best quarterback in the 2018 NFL draft class. No other quarterback has hit the heights that Mayfield has hit during his time at Oklahoma. He’s been phenomenal and consistent with his performances and nobody has … Continue reading