USA Won WBC Title

Marcus Stroman and Jim Leyland Reasons Why USA Won the WBC Title

by Donald Dukes in Sports News

Marcus Stroman, the young right-handed pitcher of theToronto Blue Jays was one of the key players that helped the United States win the World Baseball Classic after defeating Puerto Rico 8-0 in the final at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. … Continue reading

Carlos Martinez Pitcher Cardinals

Cardinals Need To Be Healthy To Dethrone The Cubs

by Donald Dukes in Sports News

The Saint Louis Cardinals main goal for the upcoming season will be to win back the crown of the National League’s Central Division from the Chicago Cubs, 2016 World Series winners. The Cards’ finished second in the division with an … Continue reading

Gleyber Torres Big Leagues Yankees

Best MLB Shortstop Prospects for 2017

by Donald Dukes in Sports News

After the arrival of shortstops such as Corey Seager, Orlando Arcia, Trea Turner and Alex Bregman to the big leagues in 2016, there’s a lot of expectations surrounding the potential new prospects that could shine in 2017. With that in … Continue reading