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The Worst performances Entering Week 11 Part 1

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Payton Manning SackedWe present the worst performances for these past weeks, this can be an individual player, a coach, the staff, the referee, terrible games or the full squad letting their fans down, simply bad decisions, so let’s start.

Peyton Manning Broncos QB

Sunday was a day that surely the legendary QB Peyton Manning will never forget, he managed to break the mark of more yards in the history of the NFL, just to be clear this is not an often breakable record and on the other side he managed to give one of the worst performances not only of his career but one of the worst I’ve seen in my life.

Regardless if he was injured or not (bad decision to put him in to play) Manning completed five passes of 20, for a miserable 35 yards and four interceptions. Thereby Peyton became the first QB since 2004 (Jeff Garcia) in having a rating of 0.0 with at least 20 passes thrown.

Marcus Mariota-QB Titans

The undefeated Panthers squad visited the rookie in Tennessee it was not expected that Mariota would give a great match. An interception, 185 yards on 16 passes, and coupled with that two fumbles into the hands of the Titans.

Saints Defense…again

Rob Ryan will probably end up without a job soon, they could not even cope with the Redskins offensive, they even made Kirk Cousins look like an All Pro, Washington scored 47 points and accumulated more than 500 yards total, 400 of them in the first half, now the Saints possess the worst defensive in points received in the NFL.

Mark Sanchez – Eagles QB

Mark Sanchez had to take over the Philadelphia attack in the second half of game against Miami and was thanks to that the team lost a very important game in their aspirations for a place in the postseason, an interception near the end zone and down by a single point was the cherry. A field goal would have given the victory to the Eagles.


With only two victories, Dallas has bottomed this year, against Tampa was its seventh defeat and in fact was the third game of the season in which the team fail to score a single touchdown. Seems that Tony Romo will finally be back with the team, but he comes back to a team that is already making plans for the 2016 season.

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