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World Cup Matches To Be Broadcast In The Afternoon

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FIFA Brazil 2014 The 2014 World Cup Soccer matches matches will be played down in Brazil which is located conveniently close to the USA time zone wise anyway, so no games will be going off at 3am like in the last two outings.

Excitement is already building worldwide for the upcoming ‘Mundiales’ as the World Cup matches are known in Spanish. With the inclusion of both ‘El Tri’ from Mexico and ‘La Sele’ from Costa Rica, there are more participants from North America than ever before.

Sports Book managers in Nevada and elsewhere are predicting a record ‘handle’ on the World Cup this year. The ‘handle’ is the total amount of money wagered on a match or set of matches. Although the books are looking for some heavy wagering to be done on the American and Mexican teams, neither one really stands much of a chance to even get out of the first grouping.

TV coverage of the matches in Brazil will be more comprehensive than ever before thanks in part to the time zone matchups and of course the entry of team USA into the games. The first match for the American team will be against Ghana at 5:30 pm EST on Monday June the 16th. It was Ghana that knocked the USA out of competition the last time around. The match will be broadcast on ESPN.

The action actually gets started on Thursday the 12th of June when host team Brazil (+200) will take on Croatia (+1200) at 3:30 pm EST followed by three days of intergroup competition with three matches being played each day at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

The feature match on lucky Friday the 13th will be at 2:30 pm when the national teams from Spain (+600) and the Netherlands (+2400) meet in the first big match of the tournament. On Saturday archrivals England (+2500) and Italy (+1500) will battle it out in the 5:30pm match.

In addition to the USA-Ghana match, Monday will get started with two of the super powers of world soccer take the field. Germany is one of the top favorites to win the Cup this time at +400 while Portugal is listed at +2400 along with the Netherlands.

The Central and North American teams are not getting a whole lot of respect from the oddsmakers in Las Vegas so far. The USA team is listed at +10,000 while Costa Rica and Honduras are both at +35,000. According to those guys, the Mexican has the best shot at it with +7,500.

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