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Which NFL Team Will Draft Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin III?

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Robert Griffin IIIRobert Griffin III is a young and amazing quarterback who has everyone expecting a great and magnificent career from. The quarterback played for the Baylor Bears before foregoing his last year of college ball to take part in the upcoming NFL draft. Griffin has been impressing long before this, however, thanks to his Offensive Freshman of the Year honor, and his Heisman trophy win last year, a first for Baylor. Now, everyone is wondering just what is next for this young and starry-eyed player. Most are speculating that he will be drafted by the Redskins or the Jaguars, but we all know that there are no guarantees in the crazy and unpredictable world of football.

Of course, the best predictor of the future is usually the past, so let’s take a look back at Griffin’s most recent season. In his last season, Griffin became a part of the Bears, a real underdog of the football world, who had been picked a pathetic sixth in the Big Twelve preseason poll. However, the team managed to start its season strong with a win over TCU in its very first game. Though never a perfect team, Griffin helped a lot in turning it around and making it stronger than it had been in years. This is quite a feat for a barely twenty-one year old kid, but Griffin made it look easy. So easy, in fact, this his forward thinking parents were shopping around for agents by the end of the season.

If we are judging by the past, Griffin will likely join a team that hasn’t been doing so well as of late and that could use some Griffin-style sprucing up. This would give him yet another opportunity to come in and change a team for the better, likely before moving on to bigger and better things. No matter what ends up happening, however, or in what order, everyone is counting on Griffin to do some major things with his life and his career. Many NFL teams will have him at the top of their draft sheets and we are all excited to see where he will land.

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