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Three Keys For the Packers To Beat The Vikings In Week 2

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aaron rodgers green bay packersFor the second straight week, the Green Bay Packers host a divisional foe as the Minnesota Vikings travel to Lambeau Field for a huge NFC North matchup.

After defeating the Chicago Bears 24-23 in week 1 the Packers hope to get an edge by improving to a 2-0 record against NFC North opponents.

With that in mind here are three Packers keys to victory as they prepare to face the Vikings:

1.- Block Minnesota’s relentless pass rush: The Vikings have a lot of good pass rushers the Packers will have to contend with, including defensive ends Everson Griffen and Sheldon Richardson. These two have combined superbly as Richardson has proven to be a very good pass rusher from the inside.

The Packers must also find ways to contain Danielle Hunter, an outstanding left defensive end that can come from the outside and beat tackles to get sacks; and linebacker Anthony Bar, who is an excellent blitzer that will be a constant threat to Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

2.- Tackle RB Dalvin Cook: The Packers must find a way to contain Cook if they want to improve to 2-0. Cook has very strong legs, which allow him to break tackle after tackle, that’s why the best approach against him will be to wrap him around the hips and then roll underneath to cut his leg movement.

3.- Do not let Kirk Cousins get comfortable inside the pocket: the Vikings must constantly blitz Cook to try to take advantage that Minnesota’s new quarterback is still adjusting to a new system and is having trouble releasing the ball quickly enough. He’s still not completely comfortable with the system in Minnesota which explains why he’s struggling to find open receivers. As a result, he’s holding the ball for too long and been forced to scramble outside the pocket to avoid sacks.



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