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The NCAA Blues

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NCAANCAA Commissioner Mark Emmert has not had an easy tenure so far as the head of collegiate athletics in the USA. The job seems to get bigger and more complicated as each year passes. What’s more, Mr. Emmert has had to deal with a committee for most of the real decisions that will guide the NCAA.

When he took office, one of Emmert’s premier mandates was to gain some measure of control over the NCAA rule book which had grown to an imposing 426 pages. In a recent meeting with the NCAA rules committee, the group could not even agree to reduce the content of the manual by a measly 25 pages.

In fact the powers that be at the NCAA can’t seem to agree on much of anything anymore… and this has been going on for entirely too long now. They call it ‘rewiring’ but in truth it is more like ‘reforming’ that is needed.

One of the regulations that was proposed to be cut from the book is the one which allows unlimited communication to recruits.  Emmert has called that provision “Insane, crazy”.  The committee could not even agree to stop that non-sense.

Gerald Gurney of University of Oklahoma said that, “Every time Emment proposes something it’s shot down, suspended or put to a revote.” “He looks ineffective or ineffectual at best.  Just about everything that’s been put through has been put on hold or has been shot down entirely.”

So, how is the NCAA doing? Unfortunately, not very well. Just take a quick look at the situation with the University of Miami to name one. A simple investigation into recruiting violations has led to a huge national scandal causing many former fans to lose faith in the NCAA Commissioner’s office all together.

Now the athletic directors and league commissioners are making a move to take the control of college athletics out of the hands of the college presidents and boards of directors.  But, in a nice way, of course.  Penn State AD Dave Joyner told the press, “It wasn’t like there was some sort of revolt. It was, ‘Presidents, let us help. Let us get in the middle of things’.”  Sounds a little fishy, doesn’t it?

So now we have NCAA football at war with NCAA basketball with each side having it’s say… and it’s lobby… each seeking rule changes that will favor their sport.  Wait a minute… basketball verses football?  Are you kidding me here?

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