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The Biggest Disappointments Going Into Week 6

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NFLAfter five weeks we can begin to have a very good sense of how the teams in the league are shaping up. Like every other season, there are always teams that surprise and end up giving way more than we expected (as the Bengals) or there are great disappointments of squads whose expectations were so high they end up not delivering.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are a mess. The defense can not pressure the rival QB, Ryan Tannehill attack has serious deficiencies and expectations with their new head coach are minimal. If we add the 0-2 in their division (a very contended one) the Dolphins have to start thinking about 2016.

Baltimore Ravens

Without Josh Scobee this team should be 0-5, things are this serious for the Baltimore squad. The defense is terrible (injured Elvis Dumervil). The straw that broke the camel’s back was the loss against the Browns at home allowing more than 400 passing yards from Josh McCown. It would rank as the first major failure of the Harbaugh / Newsome era.

Kansas City Chiefs

Last year this team had the second best defense in the NFL and now they can not seem to stop anyone. It was assumed that the team would be better with the return of Derrick Johnson and Eric Berry on defense procurement and free agency. Chiefs season ended with that painful defeat in Thursday night against the Broncos. From there on the team has been playing worse every week and Jamaal Charles injury leaves almost no hope left. From playoff contenders to a top 5 pick in the Draft.

Detroit Lions

They are the only team yet to win and although we did not have much faith in Jim Caldwell, we did did not expect such poor performances in 5 weeks. Matt Stafford was benched (although he will start this week) and the defense is made out of paper. It’s amazing how a team with Calvin Johnson can not be dangerous in the attack.

New Orleans Saints

They probably have the worst defense in the NFL and have neither the basics, like knowing how to tackle or enter the persecution in the best angles. If we add that the offense is not effective (and Drew Brees is in the twilight of his career) New Orleans occupies the bottom of their division and not a surprise to anyone would be a purge, coach, staff and players at the end season. This team does not aspire to much in 2015.

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