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Some Retire Others Get Arrested

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NFLOn Tuesday Danieal Manning retired after spending nine seasons in the League, Manning, who is turning 33 in August, spent most of his career as a Houston Texan, a consistent part of the team for the past four years, starting in the 2011 season throughout 2014, Manning marked 51 games, 41 on starting position, the safety came from the Chicago Bears to Houston as a 2006 NFL Draft pick (No 42)  released by Houston in a salary-cap, Manning tried to land a team during the 2014 offseason but returned after the Cincinnati Bengals let him go just last season.

As a Chicago Bear and  Houston Texan, Manning started in 96 games but played in all 16 regular season games only two times in his nine year career. an unfortunate broken leg injury for Manning back in October 2013 slowing down his career, Manning accomplished through his time 437 tackles, 11 interceptions, nine forced fumbles and four fumble recoveries. whilst Manning is stepping down we see a Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb’s being arrested once more with a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit during an Arizona arrest following a suspicion of driving under the influence.

“Well. first of all, I got a cold. So I’ve been on cough medicine,” McNabb said. “Listen, I played football.” he responded after an officer questioning the former Eagle about his noticeable head injuries by saying He spent 13 seasons playing in the NFL and helmed the Philadelphia team to four NFC championship victories and a Super Bowl in 2005 against the winning New England Patriots, two years ago the 38-year-old paid nearly $1,500 in fines after pleading guilty for a DUI, he spent a day in jail and entered a treatment program after the arrest.

In the state of Arizona the limit considered legal is 0.08, where 0.15 or higher present is to be considered extreme DUI, Gilbert (Ariz.) Police in suburban Phoenix said McNabb’s blood alcohol tested at 0.17, according to the police, McNabb rear-ended a police officer wife’s vehicle, there was no one injured and McNabb was released some time later. At the very scene of the accident, McNabb’s eyes were “very bloodshot and his speech was slurred,” indicated the officer’s full report. McNabb told the police he had been at a bar but wasn’t even drinking because he had a cold.

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