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Sidney Crosby, Will He Ever Play in the NHL Again

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Sidney CrosbyPrior to the Winter Classic of 2011 Sidney Crosby had the hockey world in the palm of his hand. He was young and hyper-talented when it came to putting pucks in the back of the net. NHL Hockey analysts were ready to usher in a new renaissance as they spoke of Crosby like the second coming of Wayne Gretzky. He had given new life to a troubled Pittsburgh Penguins organization and at the tender age of 21 had already captained a Stanley Cup winning squad. The following year Crosby went on to win Olympic gold for Team Canada in 2010, scoring the game winning goal, in overtime, himself.

Surrounded by a talented group of goal scorers Sidney Crosby and the Penguins started drawing comparisons to the dynasty years of the Edmonton Oilers and a resurgence of the high flying scoring of the 80s, but alas, this was not to be. Playing in the annual outdoor Winter Classic on Jan.1 2011 Crosby suffered a powerful hit to the head that knocked him out of the game. He was back in the line-up on Jan.5 when he again took a head shot that ended his season. Crosby had suffered a major concussion that sent shock waves throughout the hockey world.

After almost 12 months Crosby was once again in the Penguins line-up where he immediately picked up where he had left off, his months on the sidelines had not diminished his scoring touch. However, after just a handful of games, to the disappointment of legions of hockey fans, Crosby was nailed by a routine hit and once again suffered another concussion.

The frenzy over concussions had reached a fevered pitch and even went as far as dissecting the brains of dead players to find a solution. The Pittsburgh Penguins will have to soldier on as Sidney Crosby’s future remains in limbo. Tough new rules will not allow him to play even if he suffers only the mildest of post-concussion symptoms.

Under the circumstances Crosby should take a page from the playbook of one of the all-time greatest players, Mario Lemieux. When Lemieux was diagnosed with cancer back in the 90s he ended up missing about 3 years of hockey while he recovered. If Sid the kid wants to continue playing in the NHL he should seriously consider a similar sabbatical from hockey so that his bruised brain can completely heal. If he returns to the game too soon he risks not only his hockey career but could very well be risking his life.

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