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Raiders Over Ravens

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NFLOne of the big surprises of the week 2 was the the victory of the Raiders over the Ravens, here we leave some comments on the game and what we find most important to note.

Derek Carr best performance yet

Who knows if through this game, the young career of Derek Carr will take off, but no doubt it was his best performance since joining the NFL and is the best choice of the Raiders in order to become a winner and contender. Completed 30 of 46 passes thrown for 351 yards and three touchdowns, one in the final seconds that sealed the win in Oakland.

The Ravens worst start in a decade

NFL teams without a doubt go up and then down, for how long? we know it depends on the management team, draft, hiring, the Raiders have spent several years as a team that cannot seem to find the way, with a 0-2 start, the Baltimore Ravens mark their worst start since 2005. A decade since we have not seen a Baltimore team as deplorable. they seem to have a better team from what the record shows, but a weak defensive and offensive mistakes have them as they are in an extremely hard and complicated division.


Is the duo Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree the best? The Raiders have had problems in many areas of the field, undoubtedly the quarterback has been the most difficult and perhaps the arrival of Derek Carr will finally heal that gap. But the franchise has had little talent in other parts like the WR force. This year the team’s first selection was for the best of the generation, Amari Cooper, gave a great match against Baltimore next to the veteran Michael Crabtree.

Terrell Suggs factor

Baltimore’s defensive problems are not derived from the lack of a Terrell Suggs, these problems are much deeper, and of course, the lack of veteran linebacker makes them much more obvious and exploitable. The pass rush was really nonexistent, perhaps with Suggs had been a bit more effective, but after seeing how Derek Carr moved. their secondary seemed that left their marks on purpose, the Oakland WR did what they wanted the whole game. Things must urgently change for this team to remain as competitive this year.

The offensive had improvements

Baltimore, at least his attack, had a very different face against Denver last week. 66, 80, 80 and 77 yard drives in the first half only speak for themselves. Taliaferro and Forsett improved the running game, Steve Smith Sr. looked like he wanted to win the match by himself and almost does, Joe Flacco protection was pretty good, the problem was his ability to make points late in the game. Twice in the last quarter they had to look for field goals, which kept the Raiders alive.

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