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Quarterbacks In Contention

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NFLInterestingly enough this year we have several hot competitions underway for the number one quarterback positions on teams in the National Football League.  There are only 32 of these jobs in the world. They are much coveted. The stuff of dreams and ambitions and one of the highest paying jobs on the planet!

Also one of the most difficult to obtain and to keep.

Blake Bortles was the first quarterback chosen in the 2014 NFL Draft. He was chosen over some bigger name guys who a lot of people, including most handicappers, thought would go before him that night. But the Jacksonville Jaguars surprised everyone by taking Bortles first. But now what are they going to do with him?

The Jaguar offense was already being built around former Dolphin quarterback Chad Henne when they drafted Bortles, but some are speculating that it could be Blake who gets the call.  If not for the first games, then perhaps by mid-season.

The New York Jets have probably made one of the wisest offseason moves in signing up veteran quarterback Michael Vick to back up the very talented, but still green, Geno Smith on the team this coming season. Vick will be the perfect backup and mentor for Geno, and the entire Jets organization could get a much needed lift out of the situation.

Coach Norv Turner is back on the sidelines with the Vikings this year as their new offensive coordinator and he too has a wealth of riches at the quarterback position to deal with. Freshly drafted Teddy Bridgewater has been very impressive in camps over the summer, even the coaches say so. However, Matt Cassel is still holding on to the starting job in Minnesota for the time being.

New Buccaneer’s Head Coach Lovie Smith was lucky enough to bring down to Tampa a little something from Chicago by the name of Josh McCown. NFL fans all remember the fantastic job that McCown did at quarterback last year for the Bears when Jay Cutler went down. Lovie did.

But he already had Mike Glennon and has called him the team’s ‘quarterback of the future’ after working with the young man for awhile. Where McCown fits in is probably something the Coach Smith is waiting to find out himself.

The most publicized quarterback position in contention right now is in Cleveland where the Browns are going to have to figure out what to do with Johnny Manziel. Brian Hoyer is their quarterback of record, but this one is anybody’s best guess.

Best of luck to all of them!

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