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Pay Per Head Bookies Speak Out On Recent NFL Football Moves

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NFLPay per head bookies were left scratching their heads in reaction to Tony Romo’s new $108 million dollar contract extension. Some offshore bookies actually think that this act is the final sign that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has officially lost his mind!

The Dallas Cowboys have sunk so much money in Romo and have never wavered in their commitment but is Tony Romo a franchise quarterback, most offshore bookies say no!

In 2012 Tony Romo threw for 4903 yards with 28 touchdowns and 19 interceptions with a quarterback rating of 90.5. Bookies point to the fact that Romo didn’t even break into the top 10 in the overall quarterback ratings for 2012 as he was 13th overall. For the Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo started a total of 4 playoff games with a record of 1 win and 3 losses. Offshore bookies say Romo is a bust and that Dallas could have spent their money more wisely by shoring up their offensive line and drafting Romo’s eventual replacement!

Offshore bookies are also up in arms over the Chicago Bears decision to let Brain Urlacher walk away instead of letting him finish his stellar NFL Football career with the Bears. Bookies all agree that Urlacher gave so much of himself over his playing career with the Bears that the right move would be for Bears ownership to treat him with dignity and do the right thing but so far the Bears decision makers have nothing but egg on their faces regarding this situation!

The latest buzz that offshore bookies are talking about is the Josh Cribb’s situation. Cribbs who became a free agent this offseason was picked up by the Arizona Cardinals and just when he thought he would finally get away from Cleveland Cribbs ending up flunking the physical!

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