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Patriots Fail to get a Needed Victory

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NFLThe Patriots needed this victory to secure their first place in the AFC and receive the playoffs in Foxborough but unfortunately for them their game plan was not enough.

It seems that the fact that facing a team that is far from having a good year and wanting to prevent further injury in the team, made Bill Belichick concoct a game plan that was too conservative. They practically held up with their running game with the combination of Steven Jackson and Brandon Bolden not risking too much the first time pass. The problem was that the effectiveness they were expecting from their run was not good. Jackson managed to get 35 yards on 14 carries and Bolden added 31 yards on nine carries.

And it was not until the second half when they needed to get points because they were down in the score the team began to throw more but against a well motivated team accompanied by a potentially heavy defense as Miami when they wanted to turn the game around it was already too late. The game appeared to be any other regular season game not a deciding battle to award the first place in the Conference.

DeVante Parker will definitely be a successful wide receiver for the Dolphins.The first team Draft pick for Miami last year has had a discreet season. But from what we saw yesterday we can confirm the expectations placed on this wide receiver since day one were well observed.

He had a couple of receptions that were very good and particularly impactful for the Dolphins. The first was a pass to the side and a low one at that, keeping the ball just before stepping out the line. The second speaks abundantly about the impressive concentration from Parker, when Tannehill sent a deep pass he wins the ball over the Patriots cornerback, he was not able to keep the skin that time but he never took his eyes off the ball to then secure it.

Along with Jarvis Landry, Devante Parker may be one of the most explosive of duos in the NFL for the past couple years.

Without a doubt the Dolphins were the best team and that was made clearly with their 20-10 victory, The Patriots had a really hard time against a relentless defensive front and a superior offense at least in this game where Brady felt the pressure and was not completing his throws from a heavy bombarded pocket the QB was overshadowed by the rival rookie leader Ryan Tannehill.

The Patriots were very conservative but it seemed Gronk was not even playing. His first reception came at the last quarter and had only one more to finish the game with 18 total yards.

Rarely we see a Patriots squad being conformist when they could ensure receiving the playoffs at home against a team without much opposition. However, we will see a completely different team in the divisional round that could very well be complete with Edelman and Vollmer back or at least that is what the Patriots team is hoping.

For the Dolphins. We saw how the defense could achieve big plays when the Patriots decided to be more aggressive on offense. At the beginning of the season they looked like one of the teams that could possibly take the division first place from New England but the situation of the coaching staff took them on a nosedive. We patiently await the decision of who will be the new Head Coach in Miami, but with this game as example the Dolphins are indeed not lacking any talent and their potential is growing by the week.

The combination of decisions from Bill Belichick led the Patriots squad to a situation never seen before in the career of the QB. It is the first time that Tom Brady has lost the last two games of the regular season.

Not a very valid reason to panic if you’re a fan of Patriots, but the dominant team they were before losing for the first time this season is nowhere to be found. Unfortunately for the New England team  their momentum has stopped since a couple games ago and this can spell a different mentality from future rivals, they are now a vulnerable team.

But certainly is still one of the favorites in the AFC they would have to travel to Denver, if Broncos reach the conference finals, they failed the last time they played in this scenario.

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