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Packers Take the NFC North Leadership

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NFLThe Packers came to this game urged by a victory for several reasons, number one, was against a division rival, a division rival that was taking away the leadership of the group and finally, Green Bay was coming off a run of three consecutive defeats, where even as whether the team would get out of the doldrums was questioned. The Packers beat the Vikings intelligibly, clearing any doubts and certainly the team is not looking back again.

One of the big disappointments this season was undoubtedly the Packers RB Eddie Lacy. In the course of the season and poor performances even to lose the starter, but this weekend he woke up, and had the best performance of the season with 22 carries for 100 yards.

With the Packers victory, the division is tied with Minnesota also with 7-3 analyzing the calendars of both teams we can think that maybe Green Bay has an advantage, they only face two teams still fighting for the playoffs before getting in week 17 against the Vikings again, would be extraordinary if that date would not only decide which of the two teams wins the division, but also to be a playoff game, whoever loses goes home.

The Vikings offense needs to rely more on their running game, Teddy Bridgewater is not a player to carry the responsibility for the offense and has proven that time and time again in his young career. Peterson had 13 carries for 45 yards, Minnesota should give more plays to the super star as they move forward.

The pressure was tremendous to Bridgewater, Green Bay was spent attacking the young QB and although he did not make any serious mistakes despite the pressure, his game was detrimental. They had six sacks in total against the Vikings and could be more if not for the legs of Bridgewater, Minnesota should do a better job in protecting their QB.

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