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No New Contract For Lebron James

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LeBron JamesJuly has passed and nothing is certain regarding the new contract for LeBron James. The Finals MVP had decided to spend the past month resting from his spectacular season. Vacation with his family. Some Flights. Attending a couple private parties. And some other public events. But still no news regarding a new contract for the talented small forward, absolutely nothing.


August 1 and the wait continues. LeBron took the decision to rest thoroughly. His body and mind really needed the time off. Not going to the Olympics was already indicative of what the player was planning to do during the summer. A total disconnection from the sport. But the fact is that Cleveland Cavaliers is one of the NBA teams with more outstanding issues pending.


The Cavs as of today have only 10 players under contract. Still awaiting their future we have on the list, the already mentioned LeBron James, to a limited extent, since he will most likely remain in the Cavaliers, shooting guards J.R. Smith and James Jones. Who are still pending any kind of contract. In addition, the team has yet to secure and sign the second round player Kay Felder.


Entered August, and only 6 NBA teams have committed less money on wages than the Cleveland Cavaliers for the next season. The commitment on wages of the Ohio team now rises up to 83.5 million. Concentrated mainly in players like Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson.


As for LeBron, it looks like he will choose to go with another short contract as his previous arrangement with the team. A 2 year contract with the second year option as player to go to free agency again in the 2017 season. But the situation is more complicated. And there is a full table of negotiating the rates to reach an agreement on both sides to close the deal numbers and squaring the template.

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