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Los Angeles Expected To Host NFL Franchise In 2016

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NFLFollowing the Chargers imminent migration from San Diego City as earlier this month the NFL franchise rejected the new county plans to build a stadium at a cost of one 1.1 billion dollars, both parties will have to reach an agreement before September 11 or the Chargers will have free choice to move to a city that meets the team needs, on that date the deadline set by the City Council to reach an agreement on the new building will expire to a new vote in January.

City and county officials disclosed the updated plans, after a local group made a presentation in Chicago before the NFL committee that is studying the possibility of bringing a franchise to Los Angeles, the Chargers, who seem willing to move to Los Angeles, made a presentation to all owners of the league with updated information on a joint plan with the franchise’s archrivals the Oakland Raiders to build a stadium that would be home to both teams in the Carson suburbs, while Stan Kroenke the owner of the St. Louis Rams would provide up to date information on a competing proposal that would build a stadium in Inglewood another suburb in L.A.

The NFL wants the city of Los Angeles to be the host of at least one franchise for the upcoming 2016 season thus Carson County presented a video which features the new stadium that would house the Chargers and Raiders groups, League owners met a few days ago to define the likelihood of NFL presence in Los Angeles, for now, the Chargers, Raiders and Rams are the strongest candidates to move to the city in southern California.

Among the three teams, the Rams have a greater chance because its owner, Stan Kroenke,  bought a plot of 60 hectares beside the Hollywood Park a few months ago, the situation in San Diego and Oakland becomes more complicated, since the possibility of a new stadium lies with the citizens who  would decide whether their taxes are used for the construction or not.

If Carson’s county plan is not accepted by the League owners, both teams could still move to LA they would play in the Coliseum, as a new stadium is built.

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