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Klay Thompson And Green On Fire Against The Blazers

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NBAThe first clash between Golden State and Portland (118-106) in the semifinals of the West reinforced the feeling that, despite the absence of Stephen Curry, the champions are still able to achieve an outstanding level, inaccessible to most rivals. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green took more prominence as usual and broke the defense of the Blazers with admirable solvency to achieve the victory.

Klay Thompson scored 37 points with 7 of 14 in triples. The Warriors shooting guard takes three consecutive games scoring seven triples.And Draymond Green again demonstrated his ability to shine in all facets, with a fantastic triple-double: 23 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists. Both excellent performances from these up and down players.

The Blazers were soon overcome, from the very first quarter (37-17) and came to accumulate a disadvantage of 26 points. The Portland team did not have the slightest chance to win. They could only devote themselves to a smooth defeat, a very clear defeat. Lillard with 30 points and 15 more from Aminu and Crabbe were the best numbers from the beaten team, given the absent performances from McCollum, Harkless and Plumlee.

Varejao and Henderson were pointed to the locker room after being punished in the third quarter with two technical fouls each. The Brazilian player tripped the Blazers counterpart from behind, the player rose immediately to exchange some heated words. Shortly after they returned to their discussion and referees sent them on their way out of the court.


Golden State Warriors: Livingston (12), Klay Thompson (37), Barnes (10), Draymond Green (23), Bogut (10) -Team starters; Iguodala (6), ezeli (), Clark (4), Speights (6), Barbosa (6), Rush (0), Varejao (4) and McAdoo (0).

Portland Blazers: Lillard (30), McCollum (12), Aminu (15), Harkless (10), Plumlee (1) -Team starters; Crabbe (15), Henderson (5), Davis (11), Roberts (2), Connaughton (3), Montero (2) and Vonleh (0).

Quarters: 37-17, 28-34, 28-22 and 25-33.

Oracle Arena in Oakland. 19,596 spectators.

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