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Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. a Punk?

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No matter what you may think of Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a boxer, you have to admit that the man has made some bad choices in his lifetime. And, despite his audacity when it comes to making not-so-stellar decisions, he seems to lack the where withal to put together a fight with Manny Pacqiao no matter how much he insists he wants to do it. Of course, he still manages to trash talk Manny Pacqiao as often as possible to the point that even some die-hard long-time fans of Floyd Mayweather Jr. are asking this big time Vegas gambler and boxer to put his money where his mouth is. As one opportunity after another goes by without an agreement between the fighters Mayweather Jr. watches idly as his fan base dwindles.

Despite his shortcomings, Floyd Mayweather Jr. isn’t totally without his talents. The boxer is a five division world champion, as well as a winner of seven world titles and the lineal championship. He’s also been named “Fighter of the Year” twice by The Ring Magazine and is the WBC Welterweight champion, as well as having many other distinctions, both past and current.  Unfortunately, however, none of this can make up for his recent deadbeat conviction for battery, a deed for which the so-called star spent a whopping three months in jail.

The really bad news is that this isn’t the first time Floyd Mayweather Jr. has landed in jail for legal issues. The boxer was charged with both domestic violence and battery in 2002, was convicted, and served a six month suspended sentence, as well as having to do community service and stay under house arrest. Two years later, he would find himself back in trouble for the same crimes, this time against two separate women, and, under sentencing, enrolled in counseling. The counseling evidently didn’t curb his anger and violence, because he spent another three months in jail the following year for assaulting a bouncer. In this most recent case, Mayweather ended up in trouble for abusing his ex-girlfriend and performing other horrible deeds against her. Good boxer or not, Mayweather is a punk for dodging Pacqiao and beating up on those weaker than him and, in the end, no one wants to root for the bad guy.

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