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Home Runs Are Well& Alive So Far In 2014

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Major League BaseballHome Runs are flying out of US ball parks early and often so far in 2014 leaving both bettors & bookies wondering of the balls are juiced?

Albert Pujols seems to have settled in this year as an Angel and has quickly gotten his stroke going as he is tied for the major league lead with 9 home runs already which is amazing considering he only hit 17 all of last year! Rookie Jose Abreu of the Chcago White Sox is a pleasant surprise and is tied for the league lead also with 9 dingers. The last of which was a game winning walk off grand slam after he already homered earlier in the game.

There are five players are tied at 7 home runs chasing the early league leaders are Josh Donaldson of the Oakland As. Last year Donaldson hit 24 home runs and had a 301 batting average.  Also off to a good start this season is Minnesota Twins second baseman Brain Dozier. Dozier is currently on pace to shatter his career highest home run total of 17.

Moving over to the National league it is no surprise that the Dodgers Adrain Gonazalez is one of the league leaders also with 7 quick home runs. Gonzalez hit 22 last year and is on pace to shatter that. His career best for one season was as a Padre back in 2009 when he went long for 40 over the fencers!

San Francisco’s Brandon Belt is quickly out of the gate and should surpass his last years 17 home runs which were his career best. And no one is surprised that new acquired Mark Trumbo is right in the thick of things with 7 quick dingers. Trumbo is a welcome addition to the Daimondbacks and they are hoping he can give the 30 plus home runs this year to keep up with his career average. Let’s face it today’s athlete is far superior to those of old just do to strict workout schedules, constant practice legal supplements and in some cases illegal substances.

The baseballs themselves are still being made in factories located in Costa Rica. All that work that goes into to making a MLB baseball and the average ball stays in the game for a few pitches. The Costa Rican factory produces over 2.4 million baseballs a year whether the Ticos are wrapping the balls a bit tighter these days is unknown but Costa Rican based bookies report that they are flying out of ballparks at a record pace!

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