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Dolphins Knows Exactly What To Correct In Their Defense

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NFLThe Dolphins have a very clear plan and how to correct their mistakes on the defense if they want to hit the 50th season in the NFL in a high note.

Sunday’s performance in Maryland, despite a 17-10 victory over the Washington Redskins, left many doubts. the arrival and incorporation of Ndamukong Suh for $ 114 million deal through 2020 had created enormous expectations, as the defensive tackle was part of the 2014 Detroit Lions, named the very best in the regular season defending the running game.

On Sunday, however, at the start of the 2015 season, the Dolphins allowed 161 rushing yards, more than twice what the Lions awarded in 2014: 69.3 per game average with Suh as leader of the defensive unit.

“I think Suh can play better, and he knows it,” said defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle Miami team. “I think one of the factors that affected his performance was anxiety, a desire to do things right and affirmed demanded much effort.”

Coyle noted that the Redskins ran the ball on the opposite side of Suh most of the time and when they did tried to enter through Suh’s side they sent people for the lock. “As the game went on, Suh was improving,” said Coyle. “Surely we expect great things from him in the future.” Coach Joe Philbin acknowledged that the Dolphins defense had problems to be corrected. “Two key elements to slow the running game did not work well: protection against the blockade and the shooting down the corridor next to the football,” said Philbin. “We must do a better job of that. We have a very high level compared to what we hope our defense and ground attack not reached on Sunday. “

Philbin, on the other hand, was not concerned about the workload that wide receiver Jarvis Landry is getting, who on Sunday shone on special teams with the winning touchdown on a 69 yards punt return, on Monday, the Dolphins practice squad took tight end Jake Stoneburner and cut running back LaMichael James. The move was to replace the TE Dion Sims, who ended up injured on Sunday.

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