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Celtics Ready To Win The Atlantic And Embark On Long Playoff Run

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NBAThe Boston Celtics’ season looks very promising. After four years on rebuilding mode, the Celtics’ project seems to be coming to fruition as they have managed to make some moves that will have them in contention.

They may not be ready yet to fight for a ring, but they’re definitely headed in the right direction. On top of that, they still have some future round picks available and promising players that can be used as bargaining chips if they decide to go after an NBA star that could put them over the last hump and help them become a championship caliber team once again.

Al Horford’s arrival to Boston from Atlanta has revitalized them instantly markedly improving their defense, rebounding game and mid-range shooting.  Horford’s versatility as center and power forward will allow coach Brad Stevens to use him effectively in several packages and lineups without making radical changes.

Horford’s capable of playing both inside and outside and is a solid defender who can shoot sharply from mid-range. His age (at 30 he’s the oldest player in the team) and playoff experience will also provide a leadership and mentoring role that will help a squad as young as the Celtics address one of their biggest concerns.

Despite Evan Turner’s departure, the Celtics have one of the best and deepest benches in the Association. Brad Stevens will have plenty of talent to choose from when planning the upcoming lineup and strategy, or improvising during the course of games.

Their number of victories will probably be in the mid fifties to earn the top spot of the Atlantic Division and the second or third seed in the Eastern Conference.

With their current lineup the Celtics can put behind their rebuilding days and focus on going deep in the playoffs. With some luck and no significant injuries, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them reach the Conference Finals.

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