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Broncos over Vikings

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NFLThe first two games of the season for Peyton Manning and the offense were poor and heavily criticized until the end of the match against Chiefs where he had to resort to what the veteran quarterback was used to and seemed to be what the team needed. Against Lions and Vikings we saw an offense that is not scoring much and Manning keeps throwing interceptions. The problem lies with the Denver staff because there is not a lot of weapons in the passing game, the offensive line is light and Manning no longer has the same force and precision in his arm. This offensive was intended for another type of scheme, Kubiak. Is there a solution? many Manning fans will not like it.

For the most part of the game, the Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson was limited and did not exceed the two yards per carry. It was not until the fourth quarter when the Vikings and risking a fourth opportunity to move forward only a yard, Purple Jesus exploded in the middle of the line to reach the end zone on a carry of over 40 yards. If Minnesota had established the running game from the start, we could be talking about the defeated Broncos.

It is true that Wade Phillips defensive system benefits a lot from the Broncos staff as we have seen with DeMarcus Ware, Von Miller and Brandon Marshall. The reality is that a radical change as we have seen in the Denver defense is due in large part to the attitude. Often more than 2 players reach the tackle, in every chance they get, they seek to provoke the fumble. They are motivated and have rescued games that seemed lost.

It was amazing how Blair Walsh missed the field goal even though the distance was less than 40 yards and should have been an automatic adding to the score if your last name is not Scobee. In the end the Vikings lost by those 3 points, and desperation of the premises. No way, bad luck for the Vikings.

As mentioned earlier, Manning could not adapt to the offensive system of Gary Kubiak and what John Elway was looking for, so Broncos did not end up depending in Peyton’s arm with an offense that carries and had fewer passes, has not been met. They have had three close games where they have required the offensive record points in the third quarter and have come on top, much of the success belongs to the defensive. Manning threw many inaccurate passes, some ended up in the hands of the Vikings defensive and struggling on the scoreboard, as in past encounters. Manning’s career could be on the decline and others possibly a bad start to the season and return to his old self. Osweiler deserves a chance to be a starter and see if that is the solution to an offensive led by Papa John’s friend.

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