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Bookies Smiling After Wildcard Weekend

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NFLThree of the four wild card games were won by the underdogs, a good day for books and bookies as bettors usually go for the favorites.

Traditionally, the strongest numbers offered to people who wager on sports are offered on professional football. When playoff time comes around, those numbers become even stronger because we are then dealing with two top ranked teams who will both be playing at a very high level.

If the bettor chooses to tease the spread up or down 6 or 7 points, his or her chances of winning a bet are greatly enhanced, much more so than in the regular season. That principle proved to be true for the 2014 NFL Wild Card Games last weekend. This year bettors were treated to a full on buffet as all of the games were close and seven of the eight possible sides all came home as winners.

A player could have simply taken the 6 points on all four sides and won them all as the Colts upset the 2.5 point favored Chiefs by a close final score of 45-44 and the Saints went on the upset the 3 point favored Eagles in another close one, 26-24.

But then San Diego’s win came back to knock out all kinds of teaser liability and bookies everywhere rejoiced. The Bengals went into the game at -6.5 and were the largest spread of the weekend and was the most one-sided teaser wager of the Wild Card Games. The straight up win also killed most of the money line parlays.

Bookies took a lot of action on the favored Cincinnati team and got a big boast when the Bengals eventually lost 27-10 on their home field. Before last weekend the Bengals had gone 8-0 straight up and against the spread when playing in Cincinnati.

Of course, the Chargers winning was still the best decision for bookies over the weekend. The final game of the day between San Francisco and the Packers on a frozen field in Wisconsin could have turned ugly by ended up coming out about even for both sides when it landed on 3.

The biggest turnaround… read that comeback of the weekend came from Andrew Luck and is Indianapolis Colts who overcame a 31-10 half time deficit to beat the Kansas City Chiefs who had opened at +2.5 but ended up as -2 point favorites by kickoff time.

Most bettors ended up pushing on the San Francisco-Green Bay game that moved from an opening -1 for the 49ers to -3, exactly how the game ended up.

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