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Bills over Colts

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NFLLet’s discuss some interesting points after the Bills victory over the Colts that made enough of an impact to be listed here.

Ralph Wilson Stadium will be a difficult place for visitors

From the beginning of the match, fans in the stadium did not stop screaming and seeped the rival team into the hostile environment. And it seems that these fans have the feeling that the team will come back after many years, to the playoffs and I think I agree with them. And the reality is that his team did not disappoint playing well throughout the match.

Is not all defense in Buffalo

Certainly the Bills offense has good playmakers than at any time change the

course of a game but the biggest question was the quarterback position. Tyrod Taylor was responsible, as the vast majority of the doubts for the quarterback were dispelled because it is not only dangerous with his legs but also has good arm thanks to work he can improve. The offensive line can needs to improve their block to help running backs but there’s only room for improvement.

Colts Veteran reinforcements did not show their potential

Both Andre Johnson and Frank Gore were not a main factor in the Colts offense where Andrew Luck still prefers to look for TY Hilton and because of his injury, he had to resort to his tight ends. It seems that the Colts will have to work hard on their running game and although it has not been the best in recent years, they have made the playoffs, they could become even stronger if they are successful in that area.

The Bills pass rushing has talent and variations

Rex Ryan is a defensive specialist and knows how to use the talent available. We saw Ryan placing Mario Williams sometimes as defensive tackle and other times defensive end trying to get the benefits of the duels against the Indianapolis offensive linemen. And this is just one example of the success over the offensive lead by Luck that often collapsed into the pocket and had no chance to run. All this without forgetting that the coverage of the secondary was exemplary.

Without T.Y. Hilton, the Colts might struggle

The team is expecting the official report to know for sure how long the WR would be out of the action and it goes without saying that the receiver is Luck’s favorite. While they still have some options as Andre Johnson and Donte Moncrief and including rookie Phillip Dorsett, none is as dominating as Hilton. The upside as far as it goes, is that the upcoming three divisional games where Hilton will not be as missed as he recovers.

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