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If you are just now tuning in on the NBA finals, you’ve come at the right time.  The prelims are over and the only guys left in serious competition are all out to win the NBA championship for 2019.  They are big and they are strong.  This is where we separate the champions from the contenders.

The last event that a lot of basketball fans watched was the NCAA finals known as March Madness when Virginia was crowned national champs.  Now the kids are all home or back in school and it’s time for the big boys to take the court.

The difference in action between the college hoops games we all enjoyed so much this year and the professional basketball players of the NBA is amazing.  Physical contact, which would have never been allowed in NCAA competition, goes on during every possession in NBA.  Guys are in there pushing and shoving, going for the ball and not too worried about getting called for a foul.

The quality of play at the professional level in the NBA is almost absurd. It has been proposed that the goals be moved up a bit or the court lengthened, but that is impractical.  So we have a bunch of guys that look way too overgrown to be playing on that same small court that they used in high school.

However, what the NBA players do on that small venue is nothing less than amazing.  The moves and shots made by these guys approach artistry in motion as they appear to defy gravity itself on those spectacular dunk shots.

So now we are down to the best eight teams in the NBA.  The defending champion Golden State Warriors are having a rough go with James Harden’s Houston Rockets and the series is now even at 2 victories each. Games 5-7 are going to be a war!

Current finals favorite Milwaukee is on the verge of defeating the legendary Boston Celtics, who won the first game easily on the road but have fallen to the Bucks for the next three games in a row, and now they are back in Milwaukee.

The Raptors of Toronto and the Philadelphia 76ers are playing a strange series.  Each is winning games on the opponents’ home court.  Game 6 is back in Philly and the 76ers will be eliminated should they lose at home again.

The Portland Trail Blazers and the Denver Nuggets went to four overtimes before Portland finally managed a 140-137 victory over the Nuggets.  Game six is at Portland and Denver is once again trembling on the brink.

None of these games are going to be easy.  None will be runaway victories. The pros left on the court are dedicated and strong.  It’s their time to shine and the action will be fast and furious from here on out.

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