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Mysportsoffice.com Review

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 My Sports OfficeMysportsoffice is an example of everything you don’t want in a pay per head service provider. They have 3 companies all running out of the same office: Mysportsoffice.com is pay per head but 7redsports.com and EZstreetsports.com are both traditional post up sportsbooks. Bookmakers should never put their players in with a shop that takes post up business under the best circumstances. These guys, however, have been caught confiscating winnings, threatening players and using deceitful marketing tactics to trick gamblers into sending them money. Go To Mysportsoffice.com

Software: DGS (Digital Gaming Systems) for Sportsbook and Horse Racing and Online Casino. DGS is the mostly widely used gaming software in the pay per head industry because it is reliable and versatile. The casino is fairly average however, so most top brand PPH companies will compliment their solid sports and horse racing with an additional, complimentary casino product. In keeping with their reputation as a lack luster operation MSO is just offering the basics. B+
Service & Support: Practically non-existent. This is a very chaotic organization where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing half the time. Phones went unanswered, calls were not returned and emails disappeared into internet limbo. It is very hard to talk to someone who is capable of addressing your account needs. F
Pricing: Pricing is on the high side of what the industry average is. If their business model is to basically make the client do all the work and figure things out for them self they should charging $5 per head not $25. MSO is a waste of money. F
Redundancy: It is very hard to accept the claims made about redundancy from this company. Insider information from reliable sources reports that they have difficulty keeping their air conditioners on if that tells you anything about their competence. C
Products: DGS is a great product. There is no doubt that agents who use DGS software for sports and horses are getting the best in the business. The problem with MSO is that they don’t seem to know how to use DGS to its fullest capacity. Once again we see this as a situation where you’ll have to constantly tell them how to do their job. Not worth it. C
Benefits: If you step back and look at this company as a whole their benefits are meaningless. What difference does it make if they give you your first week for free, most likely charge you to build a custom website where other PPH stores do it for free or any other bonus if you can’t get the service you are paying for? It smacks of teaser benefits that are designed to suck you in before you realize you’ve been had. F
Overall Rating: My Sports Office gets a D rating but it could just as easily be an F. With all the other pay per head offices out there why would anyone want to do business with a company that is mired in so much controversy? MSO hits the alarm bell trifecta with bad customer service, sloppy line management and a history of dishonest business practices with a post up sportsbook department that could very well end up luring your players away with too-good-to-be-true deposit bonuses. All of the MSO group’s misconduct in the offshore gaming industry, especially their Ezstreetsports brand, is common knowledge and on the public record with various watchdog forums. Go To MySportsOffice.com D

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