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IDSCA.com Review

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IDSCAIDSCA.com has been in business since 2002 and offers a full range of Sports betting, horse racing and online casino gaming options for agents and their players. They appear to be in the process of rebranding themselves as their site now links to Bookmakersinc.com. This is an odd move since they are well known in the Industry as IDSCA and have worked hard to build up their name. It may indicate a shift in their business model which may or may not be a concern to potential clients. Sudden, unexpected changes like this are often indicators of underlying issues.

Software: IDSCA.com uses the slightly outdated ASI Sportsbook software, which although serviceable, is far from being top of the line. Clients who go with IDSCA are settling for less than the best. C+
Service & Support: We were less than impressed with the service we received when we contacted their offices. The clerk we spoke to was poorly trained and had trouble answering the most basic questions and apparently had no one to help him out. It concerns us that IDSCA would allow people like this to answer their phones and talk to clients. D
Pricing: IDSCA charges a flat $23 per player, per week which is above the industry standard and is not negotiable. There was a time many years ago when PPH shops could charge a firm price per player but not in today’s competitive market. The quality of their service does not justify paying more. B
Redundancy: After 10 years in business redundancy appears to be one area that IDSCA has a firm handle on. We have not identified any major service interruptions to agents using their website or call-center. A
Products: IDS CA has everything a bookie needs to keep their players gambling year round. The only issue we have with their product is that they are running their sports lines on the outdated ASI gaming software platform. Their horses and Casino are run on BLR software which appears to be a platform they developed in house and there is not much information available on it to verify its reliability. C
Benefits:We like the promotions being offered at IDSCA.com which include 1 week of free service, referral bonuses and they will build their agents a customized website for free. Unlike other PPH services they don’t try to nickel and dime customers with a lot of added service costs. B
Overall Rating: IDSCA has plodded along as a decent pay per head office for 10 years with no major issues or service disruptions. However, without putting money back into their company in terms of offering the best software and employing the best clerks they are falling behind the competition and run the risk of becoming irrelevant. Their recent changes to their website are a concern as it looks like they are trying to distance themselves from the IDSCA name, for unknown reasons, in favor of Bookmakersinc. Go To IDSCA.com. C

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