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Nevada Sportsbooks Vs The Local Bookie

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Sportsbooks VS BookiesRecently the states of Nevada and New Jersey have passed provisions allowing online wagering on sports in their states.  The new sites will be connected with land-based casinos in Vegas and Jersey.  Players will now have the option of placing their wagers with a company right there in the United States instead of sending money to offshore sportsbooks and waiting for a payout.

Here’s the sticker; when a player wagers with one of the new Nevada sites, his wagering activities and habits are written into the public record for anyone who cares to look to see.  If a player is trying to keep a low profile and stay under the radar, stay away from the new US based online sportsbooks and casinos.

Which brings us to the issue of taxes.  The obvious drawback to the legal US based sportsbooks is that they are under the scrutiny of the federal government and when you win, just as in Las Vegas, the IRS will be waiting there by the door to collect their fair share.

The logical solution is to go back to the time honored tradition of the local bookmaker. There are local bookies out there who have been in business for over 30 years now.  They don’t stay in business by not paying there players or by being anything less than friendly and efficient and they don’t collect taxes nor do they keep records for the tax man.

The player must take some care in choosing the right bookie to play with.  Ask around, find a person with a good reputation among players for reliable access to wagering opportunities plus quick and easy payouts.  A good bookie will also be discreet and retain his business with the player strictly as a private affair.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, the local bookmaker now has access to wagering information and options never before possible.  World wide coverage of sporting events is now available online at any hour of the day or night.  A local bookie is now able to offer his players almost unlimited access to wagering via cutting edge sportsbook and casino software.

These days a local bookie who has contracted a first rate price per head service can provide his clients any and all the options of a major offshore sportsbook.

Bottom line: do you want to pay taxes on your winnings and have your activities recorded into public record or would you rather play with someone that you trust and with whom you can actually meet to handle your sports wagering?

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