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Low Season Action Keeps Vegas Rolling

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Las VegasGamblers and Bookies alike all know that the high season for wagering in America is football season. Hands down, NCAA and NFL football games have long since surpassed baseball as America’s favorite sport.

But wait folks.  Just because there is no gridiron action to bet on doesn’t mean that it’s all over just yet. There is still plenty going on and thanks to the convenience of Internet wagering, players can now access the action at anytime of the day or night.

Of course the world doesn’t end after the Super Bowl. We have the March Madness, which is the NCAA basketball championship tournament and then the NBA Playoffs which get going soon after the college is done and go on until the first part of June.

But that’s not all folks. Don’t forget the beginning of the horse racing season at the Kentucky Derby run each May at Churchill Downs followed by the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes to make up the three most popular horse races in the world known as the Triple Crown. Lots of wagering on those races. The big casinos out in Nevada have even set up a deal with Churchill Downs and the other major tracks to tie into the track’s pari-mutuel boards for the big races.

And don’t forget the PGA Golf matches. Even without the favorite Tiger Woods in the mix this year, there is still plenty of action leading up to the US Open in late August. With around six million dollars in prize money riding on each big match, the action is sure to draw wagers from a broad circle of golfing fans.

Then there are the big fights. Every time Floyd Mayweather steps into the ring the guys running the casinos in Las Vegas get dollar signs in their eyes and for good reason. Mayweather just got paid $40,000,000 for less than an hour’s work, some of that has got to trickle down.

Las Vegas casinos are expecting a record handle this year from the World Cup action starting down in Brazil in June. Because the matches will be broadcast in this country during the afternoons and evenings, the books expect to see much more action from these Soccer matches than any previous World Cup Tourney.

Ah but let’s not forget baseball.  America’s pastoral sport. No one game draws a significant amount of action, especially in the early stages of the season. But, there are so many games being played every night of the week that the handle adds up to a substantial figure by the end of the day.

So don’t worry about the wagering industry in the off-season. It’s alive and well.

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