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In The Wagering World, Trump Already Lost The Presidency

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Do not bet that Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States. That is the message of the players that place their bets on the 2016 race for the White House.

Trump is defeating his rivals with double digits in national polls, but bettors remain skeptical that the billionaire front will last until the Republican convention in Cleveland. In fact, Jeb Bush is the favorite most likely to win the GOP nomination, according to the irish  website of games Paddy Power. (Las Vegas casinos are prohibited from offering bets on US political elections).

The former governor of Florida has 13-8 odds of being the Republican standard bearer. That’s significantly better than Trump, who has odds of 7 to 2. That means a $ 100 bet would pay $ 163 if Bush wins, and if you trump wins $ 350.

Just like in sports betting, the odds reflect the bets made by real players. That suggests that people are risking their money to bet on someone who they think will win the nomination.

It is a stark contrast on polls that show the real estate mogul with a great advantage. The latest poll released shows Trump with 32% support for the Republican nomination, ahead of Ben Carson, his closest rival, by 13 percentage points. No other candidate even Bush recorded a double-digit support.

Other game sites also reflect skepticism about Trump. Bush is seen as a favorite on Betfair, a British site, followed by Marco Rubio and Trump.

The Pivit interactive market gives Trump a 20% chance of winning the GOP presidential race. Pivit, which feeds the market prediction combines public, news and data to produce live odds on the outcome of events. Trump odds of winning have risen sharply since early July but are only slightly better than those of Bush with 17%.

“Donald Trump is new and is volatile. He speaks without thinking. You have to consider that in the price, “McNamara said. He referred to recent negative reviews of Trump about the physical appearance of the Republican candidate Carly Fiorina. “That would kill most of the candidates,” McNamara added.

However, Trump could prove all of us wrong; like when he challenged the ruling class in Washington who thought that he would be already been removed by now.

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