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Gambling Celebrities

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gambling CelebritiesAnyone who has watched the late-night antics of Lindsay Lohan and pal Paris Hilton or who is familiar with the Britney Spears breakdown of just a few years ago can attest to the fact that celebrities are under a lot of pressure. Pressure under which they often buckle. Not everyone turns to drinking or shaving their heads, however. More often than you might expect, they become degenerate gamblers instead. Gambling celebrities might try to keep their hidden fascination with betting under wraps, but it always gets leaked sooner or later. We’ve got the dirt on some gambling celebrities who might just surprise you!

Ben Affleck: Pretty boy Ben Affleck, who first gained mainstream fame and notoriety acting alongside pal Matt Damon—a little film known as Good Will Hunting—and through some goofy Kevin Smith movies also happens to be quite the accomplished poker player. He beat out Stan Goldstein in 2004, as well as close to a hundred other players, to win an impressive $356,400. He even earned a spot in the World Poker Tournament Championship back in 2005. Ready for another shocker? Friend Damon is a big gambler as well; this pair of gambling celebrities really does do everything together!

Matthew Perry: Chances are, you can sing the “Friends” theme song verbatim. If that’s the case, then you know about “Chandler Bing” and the actor who played him—Matthew Perry—all too well! What you might not know, though, is that Perry is a celebrated poker player, one who is more than a little skilled at what he does. Unlike some of the other gambling celebrities who will make our list, though, he’s anything but a bad boy. He plays at many charity events and is known for doing good with his immense winnings.

Brad Pitt: Brad Pitt isn’t known for being the friendliest guy in the world, but he is known for sinking a lot of money (some say too much and claim he’s battling a gambling addiction!) into Las Vegas casinos. Pitt is regularly seen making the gambling rounds with famous friend George Clooney, and both gambling celebrities have reportedly sunk over $3 billion dollars in the newest casino.

The Queen: We had to save the best and the most shocking for last on our list! Believe it or not, Her Royal Highness is a huge fan of gambling. It is rumored that she makes lots of sports bets (and does so well!) and that she’s a regular at the slot machines

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