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Dogers Move From Doghouse To Penthouse In 25 Games

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Major League BaseballThe resurgent Los Angeles Dodgers have now won 15 road games in a row and moved out to a 6 game lead in the National League West.  The Philadelphia Phillies won 18 straight road games back in 2008 and the Dodgers would like very much to top that mark.

About one month ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers were sitting in the cellar of the NLW with a dismal 38-43 record, however, in the course of just 25 games, the Dodgers have pulled themselves up into first place in the NLW and pulling away.

Some writers might well point to the addition of Cuban sensation Yasil Puig to the Los Angeles roster as being the difference… it certainly didn’t hurt and the young right fielder may well have been the spark to get the Dodgers back to the winners circle once again.

Whatever the case, baseball fans and especially Dodgers fans have not seen anything like this meteoric rise in years. LA’s run differential has gone from -46 to +7 in a month!

The Dodgers are also the new favorites to win the World Series replacing the Detroit Tigers for the first time this season. On the first of July they were in 12th place on the favorites list at 25-to-1 but now, in the first week in August, the Dodgers are the number one selection at 6-to-1.

As good as they were in July, the best record for the month in MLB went to the Tampa Bay Rays who were 21-5 for July and are nipping at the heels of the Boston Red Sox for the lead in the American League East.  The Ray’s odds to win the World Series have also climbed up from 25-to-1 to 8-to-1 in early August.

The New York Yankees, on the other hand, are battling injuries and barely holding on above the .500 mark with 57 wins against 53 losses.   Vegas oddsmakers anticipated a down year for the Yankees originally posting their odds to win the World Series at 25-to-1 but those numbers have dropped off steadily and the price on New York has stretched to 40-to-1.

DODGERS 5-1 (6-1) ROYALS 70-1 (100-1)
TIGERS 6-1 ANGELS 100-1 (60-1)
CARDINALS 6-1 (5-1) GIANTS 200-1 (100-1)
A’S 7-1 PADRES 200-1
RED SOX 9-1 (10-1) PHILLIES 300-1 (200-1)
RAYS 9-1 (8-1) BLUE JAYS 300-1 (200-1)
PIRATES 10-1 (14-1) METS 300-1
REDS 14-1 CUBS 2000-1 (500-1)
RANGERS 18-1 (20-1) TWINS 2000-1
DIAMONDBACKS 30-1 (20-1) WHITE SOX 9999-1 (5000-1)
NATIONALS 50-1 (40-1) ASTROS 9999-1

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