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Does Internet Wagering Threaten Land Based Casinos?

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Online CasinosIt has already been demonstrated that the emergence of widespread Internet gambling over in Europe has led to a decline in revenues for land-based casinos there.  Is that trend going to translate across the Atlantic and have the same effect on US land-based casinos?  That question is foremost on the minds of casino owners and lawmakers alike these days as the debate in the USA comes to a head over the issue the legality of wagering on line.

One of the principal concerns of the AGA is the over 200,000 direct gaming industry jobs plus probably that many again in casino-hosting cities across the USA.  Some predict that the social impact of the legalization of on line gaming will be even more damaging that the initial negative economic effect.

Critics worry that access to wagering from home or office will make it altogether too easy to place wagers and that there will be no way to tell that each wager has been placed in a rational and consensual manner.  The possibility of underage children gaining access to online wagering is a possible concern as well as the very real possibility of bettors placing wagers, for real money, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Casino owners are even claiming that if people take the time and effort to get dressed up and go out to a casino to do their wagering, they will be more responsible and well behaved. They will most certainly spend more money.

The idea that people are better behaved in public casinos than they are at home is totally absurd.  The idea that they can be kept under control by the casino staff and security does not pan out either.

Parents may be concerned after having observed the transition and growth from the beginnings of the Pac-Man game 30 years ago to the multitude of gaming options available today.  Does playing games via the Internet encourage the youth of today to gamble?  Probably not.  Those who wish to wager will do so with or without the Internet.

In April 2013, a Las Vegas based social gambling company launched the first legal, real-money poker website in the United States indicating that the federal government has softened its stance on Internet wagering. It seems almost certain that there will be more to follow as several other states, led by New Jersey, are in the process of approving bills which will allow them to share in the staggering revenues generated by Internet gaming in the 21st century.

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