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Cards & Dodgers Replace Tigers As World Series Favs

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Major League BaseballThe Los Angeles Dodgers are on top in the National League West for the first time in a long, long time.  Before the 2013 MLB season got underway, the Dodgers were predicted to be one of the top teams of the year but they were underwhelming in the first half of the season… disappointing Dodgers fans and bettors alike.

And then along came young Yasiel Puig, recently smuggled out of Cuba, to provide the spark that has boosted the Dodgers to the top of their division and back on their fans’ good sides once again.  Puig has been nothing less than spectacular in his big league debut. In fact he was even being considered for the All-Star game even though he had only been playing Major League Baseball for a little over 2 months.

At the beginning of the season the Dodgers were given 8-1 odds to win the World Series and 7-2 odds to take the National League pennant.  They were so bad during the first weeks of the season that their prices stretched all the way up to 40-1& 20-1 in late June. Since taking over the division lead from the Diamondbacks, the Dodgers World Series and Pennant odds have shrunk to 6-1 and 7-2 respectively.

The St. Louis Cardinals have also been one of the best clubs of the 2013 baseball season despite being originally offered at 16-1 odds win the World Series and 8-1 for the NL Pennant. Now the Cards (5-1) have unseated the Detroit Tigers (6-1) as the overall favorite to win the World Series.  This marks the first time all season that Detroit has not been posted as the favorite.

The Dodgers and the Cardinals have a long history of postseason play against one another and it looks like they are setting up for another fantastic finish for the National League Pennant and beyond.

Here is a quick look at how they stand at the beginning of August.

CARDINALS 5-1 (7-1) ANGELS 60-1 (30-1)
DODGERS 6-1 (8-1) ROCKIES 60-1 (50-1)
TIGERS 6-1 GIANTS 100-1 (30-1)
A’S 7-1 (8-1) ROYALS 100-1 (200-1)
RAYS 8-1 (12-1) PHILLIES 200-1 (50-1)
BRAVES 8-1 PADRES 200-1 (300-1)
RED SOX 10-1 (8-1) BLUE JAYS 200-1
ORIOLES 12-1 (15-1) MARINERS 200-1 (300-1)
REDS 14-1 METS 300-1
PIRATES 14-1 CUBS 500-1
RANGERS 20-1 (15-1) TWINS 2000-1
INDIANS 25-1 (30-1) BREWERS 5000-1 (2000-1)
NATIONALS 40-1 (20-1) ASTROS 9999-1
YANKEES 40-1 (30-1) MARLINS 9999-1

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