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Bookies are also eagerly anticipating the 2014 NFL draft!

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NFLThe countdown is underway as the 2014 NFL draft is now less than two weeks away. Like years past all NFL teams are nervously recalculating their franchises futures behind the scenes as future NFL player’s stocks rise and fall just 4 weeks before this year draft. Bookies are also eagerly anticipating this year’s NFL draft and their effect on the NFL betting futures for the 2014 season.

Who will be this year’s number one overall pick? Who will be the surprise 1st round pick? Who will be this year’s dark horse? Which previous 1st round shoe in will slip to the second round or lower? Who will be this year’s draft bust? Which teams will trade up? Which teams will trade down?

The futures of NFL teams, their fans, the players, and bookies and bettors alike are all hanging in the balance eagerly waiting May 8th 2014. For those betting on the NFL draft the stakes couldn’t be higher. The 2014 NFL draft features a colorful and talented group of characters in most every position.

The 2014 top hopefuls are players like Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Sammy Watkins, Blake Bortles, Darqueze Dennard, Mike Evans, Justin Gilbert, Hasean Clinton-Dix and many more. The team at the top of this year’s draft is the Houston Texans and the speculation on what they will do with their first round pick is anyone’s guess. The 2014 draft pool might prove to be one of the deepest and talented groups of NFL hopefuls in a long time. Their impact of NFL teams remains to be seen but one thing is for sure the 2014 NFL draft will be one of the most talked about draft fields for some time!

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