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Are you searching Google for the Best Pay Per Head PPH Service?

You’ll find a whole range of options, some might look legit, but others are obvious scams.

Most people don’t even know what a “pay per head service” is — or what it has to offer, much less which is the best one to use.

But savvy bookies do. Hands down, Host Pay Per Head (HostPPH.com) is clearly the best PPH service available in the bookmaking industry today.

Working with HostPPH, a bookie need simply take care of his collections and payouts, while the highly experienced staff at Host Pay Per Head takes care of all the details involved in the bookmaking business, becoming your “virtual” confidential back-office service.

No matter how they initially found out about ‘pay per head services’, or how many inferior services they have tried, today’s successful bookmakers now have the ability to contract directly with Host PPH, which will provide for them all of the tools that he or she will need to run a day-to-day bookie business, and do it successfully.

The best way to check out HostPPH, or any other potential PPH service, is to get them on the phone yourself. Do they know what they are talking about? Are you left on hold forever? Do you have trouble understanding the person on the other end of the line? Do they seem genuinely interested in you and working with you?  Ask them about risk management and listen carefully to their answer.

The experienced account managers and customer service agents at HostPPH will be able to answer your questions right away.

Host is one of the founding pay per head companies in the industry, and has been doing business exclusively with professional bookmakers for over 20 years.

In order to be the best PPH company in the industry, HostPPH built a first-class operation, all the necessary equipment and infrastructure needed to provide clients with uninterrupted online and phone wagering service, around the clock, as well as keeping track of all your records and reporting.

The creators of HostPPH made those investments long ago and Host boasts the most up-to-date equipment and knowledgeable support staff in the industry. Downtime is unheard of.

Hundreds of bookie agents and tens of thousands of daily players found HostPPH to be the best pay per head service in the bookmaking industry, and have been with them for years, enjoying their newfound freedom and success in the business.

Try HostPPH FREE for up to 4 Weeks and see how easy it really is!

Call Today: 877-644-4678

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