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What is Pay Per Player?

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What Is Pay Per Player?In today’s gambling world bookies essentially have two choices. They can choose to keep on doing their business the old fashioned way by keeping track of their player’s bets on their own, or they can let a pay per player service do it for them. Obviously the easier and smarter choice is clear—using a pph service is the way of the future and most modern bookies can’t help wondering why they didn’t start using such a convenient system sooner. Such services, if they are good, make working as a bookie a breeze and they can help make the business much more profitable. As the name implies the business model for these companies is pretty straight forward. They charge bookies a modest fee for each active player who gambles with them every week.

Professional risk management teams do the tough work of watching the lines and keeping them sharp and bookies reap the benefits. They will minimize your losses while maximizing your winnings. Other benefits come with using a good pay per player service as well. This includes being able to let players enjoy online casino games in addition to traditional sports betting. This gives bookies a brand new and very profitable revenue source year round, not just during NFL football. Players try out casino games for fun and before they know it they’re hooked. Bookies will enjoy making money off of both their sports betting activities and their casino play as well.

A pay per player agency is about more than just sportsbook, horsebook, and casino betting. You can also get your players to start making other bets—no matter how off the wall. Some common “novelty” betting options include betting on awards shows and reality television, betting on politics, and so much more. The great thing about these unique betting options is that it attracts players of all levels to give the bookmaker action year round. Pay per player will take your local sports betting business to the next level. It is literally just like having your very own Las Vegas style sportsbook and casino.


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