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BookiesEdge.com Where All Bookies Go For Solid Pay Per Head Ratings & Info

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Bookiesedge.comBookiesedge is just that; the complete pay per head information site that provides help to today’s online bookmakers. Now online sports bookies have a place where they can get solid information on everything offshore gaming in order to make intelligent decisions based on facts.

Thanks to the Internet, today’s online gamblers have a wealth of sports information at their fingertips to help them in their constant endeavor to beat the local bookie. So it only makes sense that the online sports bookies should also have a place to go where they can get solid advice to stay one step ahead of the game.

BookiesEdge is full of Sportsbetting information and online gambling tips as well as the latest in offshore pay per head bookie software. Bookies Edge also provides per head bookies with solid up to date information on the top pay per head bookie shops including full reviews and ratings. In addition bookies can also find the latest in sportsbetting and online gambling information.

For online bookies finding the best pay per head service can be a time consuming and tedious process, and sometimes very costly.  With so many pay per head services to choose from it only makes sense to check out what Bookies Edge has to offer. The free sports information that bookiesedge offers is exactly what bookmakers need to stay competitive. Bookies Edge does it due diligence on all of today’s top pay per head services software, support and service as well as pay per head pricing. In addition Bookies Edge goes the extra mile to find out if a pay per head service truly offer bookies a redundant backbone of both phones and Internet as well as on site 24 hour security and privacy.

BookiesEdge.com also tests the skills of a pay per head service support staff, 24 hour call center and wagering personal. Bookies Edge also gives the online bookies all the pros and cons on the top pay per head services bookie software for the sportsbook, racebook and online casino. In addition, Bookies Edge gives bookies all the information they need when it comes to what type of benefits or promotional offers a pay per head service offers and how that compares to the rest of the industry.

For today’s sports bookies having an edge can make a huge difference and BookiesEdge.com delivers!

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