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Bookmaking 101: Recruiting New Gamblers Tips For Bookies

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Recruiting Tips for BookiesRecruiting new clients has long been one of the most difficult tasks that a bookie has to undertake.  On the one hand, you naturally want to increase your client base, which increases your overall volume, which increases your hold percentage at the end of the week.  So, yes, we all want to recruit new gamblers whenever possible.  On the other hand, you have to exercise a good bit of caution in who you recruit.  Bring in the wrong guy and you could be spending Christmas away from home next year. So, the first rule of recruiting is basic: be careful!

All of us have players who have been with us for many years now and are like old friends even though we only see them on the weekends.  These ladies and gentlemen are always your best source for finding new players for your business.  These folks know the business and they know you.  They are not going to send you a new recruit who can somehow cause you problems.  Find new players from among the guys that you already trust….and then still be careful how you do it.

One of the best recruiting tools that you can employ these days is to have your very own web page which has been designed with your local area and your local players in mind.  When you work with a first class pay per head service, your own web page is just one of the many services that they will provide for you.  That web page connects you to the wagering world and makes you, in effect, your own offshore sportsbook.  You are then able to offer any and all of the options provided by an offshore sportsbook to your clients including full on sportsbook and racebook action plus an exciting Casino, all available at any time of the day or night.

The bookmaker benefits by having the price per head service take care of the great majority of the day to day paperwork involved in the bookmaking business so that he can actually have the time to get out and speak with his current clients and ask them to recommend new players. They already know the score and know that you have to proceed with care when bringing new players on board.  All in all, a referral from a known player is always the safest way to go about recruiting new gamblers.

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