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The Pay Per Head Service business has been  around for 20 years now and Host PPH was one of the original shops to open up working exclusively with professional bookies and offering exceptional, dependable service ever since.  Host is proud to count among its very special clients bookies who have been with the company since its inception 20 years ago.

Host PPH long ago made the necessary investments in state of the art equipment, up to date software and highly trained personnel to provide its clients with a high quality, uninterrupted service that is available 24/7/365. At the stand alone facility of Host PPH outside of San Jose, Costa Rica there are backup systems for the backup systems and redundant phone lines so that you and your players will never be out of touch.

As a matter of fact, Host is still working with the vast majority of the clients they signed up all those years ago.  When something works as well as Host PPH, why make a change?  Even when offered similar service at a lower price, professional bookies by and large, stay with Host PPH where they know that there will be no surprises or downtime, ever.

The worst thing that can happen to a good bookmaking business is for the web page to go dark and the phone go silent 2 hours before a big game or right before the NFL kicks off on Sunday morning. It happens all the time to companies which farm out everything and operate out of a small office pretending to be a full service shop.  They have no control over their contracted services when things go wrong.

Working with Host PPH is an all inclusive, one stop experience where all of your wants and needs have already been anticipated and planned for years ago.  In fact the Pay Per Head business was built for and designed by professional bookmakers, just like you.  Whatever you need to set up and run your bookie business successfully, the experienced agents at Host PPH have probably already dealt with it many times before.

One of the principal services provided by Host PPH is an experienced lines management department which keeps the lines that your players see just as sharp as possible at all times and then posts them on your private web page a good minute or two before they will appear on public pages like Don Best.

In terms of convenience for you the bookie, there is simply no comparison.  Working with Host PPH can literally change your life, for the better. It will never be necessary to carry around that little black book anymore or any other type of incriminating paperwork at all. No more pay phones at the back of the bar.

21st Century wagering software will keep you informed about all aspects of your clients action at all times, even including a ‘Bet Ticker’ option which allows the bookie to watch the action as it comes in, in real time.  There is also a feature known as the ‘Big Bet Alert’ which informs you when a wager is made which exceeds a preset limit.

One of the services most appreciated by professional bookmakers working with Host PPH is risk management.  If you are taking losses and can’t figure out how it’s happening, just give them a call, explain the situation and the experts at Host will analyze your situation and come up with a workable solution for you.  You won’t find that kind of service just anywhere.

All that is left for the savvy bookie working with Host PPH to do is his collections and payouts and perhaps a little discreet recruiting.  Problems are taken care of by the agents at Host and your life suddenly becomes much more peaceful, and profitable to boot.

Give the friendly agents at Host PPH a call today at 866 601 4678 and find out what a difference working with a high quality PPH service like Host can make in your business, and in your life.

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