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Pay Per Head Shops Offer Live In Progress Betting On The NFL Draft

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NFLThanks to offshore pay per head services bookies are now able to offer their football hungry sports bettor’s 2013 NFL draft wagering options!

If you’re considering betting on which team might be the 1st trade up in the 2013 NFL draft you’re not alone! Betting on the NFL draft is the newest NFL betting crazes and it is absolutely catching fire. Thanks to pay per head services now sports bettors have another wagering options from which to choose from in the NFL offseason. Pay per head services were also successful last year as betting on the NFL combine immediately caught fire and gave bookies a much needed lift in bet volume, this boost was a welcome addition in the NFL offseason!

The 2013 NFL draft betting options are endless and there are some very interesting NFL Draft betting options such as:

Betting on which player will be the # I overall pick
Betting on which quarterback will be the 1st one picked
Wagering on which round the most quarterbacks will be drafted
Betting on position players and where they will end up being drafted
Betting on NFL draft matchups such as which offensive lineman will be drafted 1st.

All this and so much more!

Some of the best pay per head services in addition to offering betting on the NFL draft will also be dealing in progress NFL draft betting, or real time NFL draft betting.  Avid sports bettors can also place bets on which player will be the next one drafted in real time!

The 2013 NFL draft should be one of the more interesting drafts due to the fact that there are many hidden gems and this draft is by no means top heavy like the 2012 NFL draft.

One of few of the teams that might be making a move up the draft board is the Miami Dolphins. There is also some speculation that the Dallas Cowboys are also itching to move up from their current draft position. It will be interesting to see these chess matches begin as the NFL draft betting frenzy gets underway!

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