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Price Per Head Services Help to Give Bookies Back Their Lives

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BookieIf you are a local bookmaker, taking action in your area and keeping up with all of the many details of what can be a rather complicated business is probably taking up way too much of your time.  If you find yourself getting up at 5 am just to stay on top of the action and then staying up late at night to grade the days games, you are probably ready to make a deal with a service that will take care of all of the day to day details of the bookie business and leave you free to get more out of life and make more money as well.

A quality cost per head service can be of enormous help to you with this.  For a small weekly fee, which is only charged if the player actually makes a wager that week, the online sportsbook site will provide you and your players with easy access to full on sports book action on one simple to use wagering page.  Included will be an exciting casino which offers over 90 games that players everywhere love as well as a racebook that provides coverage of major track across the country.  The internet bookie is able to control exactly which tracks and races that your players will see.  For example, if you do not want to offer harness racing, your guys will never see it.  Online casino, racebook and sportsbook are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Sports bookmakers are also able to exercise control over their player’s action by setting daily win-loss limits in casino & racebook.

This will not only protect the bookmaker from taking a hard hit but also protect the player from going in and losing too much one evening and then drifting away.  Sportsbook software providers these days present up to the minute, cutting edge technology to both bookie and player so that their wagers are made and recorded digitally and are immediately available for playback via conference call to confirm any wager made at any time.

Reputable cost per head services have triple redundant backup systems so that your internet sportsbook service never has down time. They will also hire only competent, English speaking clerks to take your players wagers and walk them through any problems that might occur.  To provide such excellent service is not cheap so beware of any company offering you a bargain price.

Shop service, not price!

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