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When looking for a pay per head service, look for redundancy, redundancy redundancy!

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How to Pick a Top Rated Pay Per Head ServiceYou’ve probably heard the phrase location, location, location many times as it pertains to real estate on a particular piece of property. Well the same lesson applies here to pay per head companies with redundancy, redundancy, redundancy!

Bookies that are considering making a move to another pay per head service or entrusting their hard earned bookie business to an offshore bookie services company for the first time absolutely need to put redundancy at the top of their priority check list! If a perspective pay per head operation can’t pass that test there is no need going any further.

There are many pay per head services to choose from but beneath the surface these offshore write shops are not all created equal. It is imperative for bookies looking to make a move to dig below the surface of the visual bells and whistles and smooth sales pitches to make sure that the pay per head service that they decide to go with truly has a redundant backbone. Being redundant simply means that your pay per head provider will have minimal downtime. The best pay per head services will feature triple redundant failover systems this way a bookies players will never experience dreaded downtime.

Nothing kills a bookies business quicker than hooking up with and inadequate pay per head service where their bettors experience downtime and delays. It is the bookies job to do their due diligence ahead of time to find a service with a proven track record for uptime and quality service. The best pay per head services will have will have in place redundant phones, internet and electrical services and will indeed be proud of this fact.

So bookies if you’re not seeing redundancy testimonials on your perspective pay per head websites front page or hearing it come from the mouth their silver tongued sales rep you must dig deeper before making a move!

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