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Pay Per Head; It’s All About The Service!

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Pay Per Head is all about ServiceHere is the low down on how to identify a good Offshore pay per head call center service.

Rule #1: Shop for Service, not for Price. When that cut rate service goes down on Saturday afternoon, that $3 or $4 that you have been saving starts to look like a bad joke indeed. When your player calls you saying that his wager was recorded wrong, can your service provide an immediate digital playback via conference call to confirm the action? You will need that service.

Price per head call center services were created to fulfill the business process outsourcing needs of professional bookmakers who understand that in today’s betting industry it is necessary to offer the best possible service to their players in order to keep them happy and wagering.  Also important is to make sure that the company you are working with is established in a country such as Costa Rica where wagering on sports is legal and licensed, even encouraged.

This of course is beneficial for the bookie as he is then able to offer a wagering service that is not directly connected to him. The agent is not processing any actual wagers because all transactions are taking place overseas, freeing the bookmaker from any uncomfortable lawful responsibilities.

First class price per head services hire the best personnel, bringing in top professionals to their team in order to make sure that every single service provided to the bookie and his clients is going to be of a superior quality and backed by the knowledge and experience of dedicated people who have many years of combined experience in the industry.

To use a PPH company makes a lot of sense for the savvy bookmaker. A good one will set you up with your very own web page giving you a immediately usable marketing tool to impress and hold on to your current players and actually recruit new players while at the same time acquiring a competitive advantage against those agents whom are still working in the old school way and processing everything manually. Those days are over now.

Old school bookmakers, who have been doing business for years on little slips of paper and secret notebooks, say that their new PPH call center service has given them their lives back. No more setting your alarm for 5am to keep ahead of the action. No more rushing to grade games while another game has already started. All of this and much more is now taken care of for the as part of the service. Remember, service is the important word here.

Offshore pay per head call centers worth your consideration will have triple redundant backup systems in place for both phones and internet so that your players will never have any trouble getting in a wager or getting a question answered, 24-7-365.

If you are a bookmaker who is currently looking to evolve their business to the next level and make it easier for yourself to increase your profits, A first rate Offshore Pay Per Head Call Center Service is certainly worth your consideration.

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