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Bookies Need To Look Deeper Then Price when Choosing a PPH Service!

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How to Pick a Top Rated Pay Per Head ServiceWith the NFL football season quickly winding down offshore bookies that are looking to switch services are getting restless. For those unsatisfied offshore bookies it is getting close to that the time of year again where they will soon all be on the move to find what they think might be the next best bookie service to fit all their bookmaking needs.

If you’re one of those offshore bookies that will also soon be on the move don’t make the mistake of choosing a discount pay per head service. For those offshore bookies that blindly choose a cheap pay per head service and move their entire bookmaking operation based solely on a cheap pph price, chances are that they will be in the same spot again next year or even sooner!

If you were buying homeowners insurance would you blindly pick a policy based on the cheapest price?  A policy that wouldn’t cover you in case of an emergency, of course not! Restless offshore bookies need to have the same type mindset when it comes to their bookmaking business and must be patient and do their due diligence in order to find the best pay per head service.

Offshore bookies that are looking to be successful must always steer clear of any discount pay per head shop that is officering an unbelievably low pph prices. Common sense and logic tells you that In order for these cheap pay per head services to stay in business that they are going to have to cut corners to do so. Most times these cuts run deep and usually are found in the discount pay per head services infrastructure, internet security, bookie software, as well as customer support.

Choosing one of these sub pay per head services can quickly cripple an offshore bookies business and they are not the answer to be successful! The best way for offshore bookies to shop for and qualify a good pay per head service is to simply ask for a pph demo before blindly switching based on a cheap pay per head price!


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