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It’s A Brave New World For Bookies

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21st Century Techno BookieThese days a local bookie has to walk a fine line between being that popular guy down at the sports bar and keeping a low enough profile to stay out of trouble with those folks that still do not approve of sports wagering.

Advancements in communication technology have enabled the modern bookmaker to offer a wider variety of wagering options than ever before. Never has placing a bet been so easy. SmartPhones, IPads and the like have changed the world of wagering forever… and for the better.

Remember the old days when you had to carry around 2 or 3 beepers and a roll of quarters for the pay phone on the back wall of the bar?  Those days are now long gone.  A smart bookie these days can keep up with all of his or her action on a mobile device that fits into the palm of your hand.

If you have not yet affiliated yourself with a quality price per head service, you are missing out on one of the great modern conveniences in betting world. If you are still spending too much time checking lines and spreads and incoming wagers and grading games and looking for that little piece of paper that you wrote down Bennie’s bet on, you are in for a pleasant surprise when you finally start working with a good price per head service.

What they will do for you is to provide you and your clients with a page on the internet which will give them 24/7 access to wagering options from around the world. There will also be phone numbers to call in for wagering or customer service around the clock.

Your players will love the convenience of being able to use their new mobile devices for wagering on sports.  It is so easy to do. And don’t forget, when you use a price per head service company located in a country where wagering on sports is legal, all incoming phone wagers come into their call center… all internet wagers happen on their servers… not in your back room.

One of the features that bookies love most about working with a good price per head company is that you are no longer required to carry around that incriminating ‘little black book’ everywhere you go. All of your record keeping is done for you by the service and is available for your perusal at anytime of the day or night via a secure page on the internet.

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