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How to Find a Bookie

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Finding A BookieThe biggest challenge for sports betting enthusiasts these days is finding a reliable bookie who will take your action. Bookies are a special breed of people who conduct their business on the fringes of our society. They work out of mobile offices at all hours of the day to accommodate their gambling customers. Bookies aren’t exactly going to advertise that they’re in business so you’re going to have to get creative. Knowing how to find a bookie can prove to be a challenging task but any gambler worth their salt will know that where there is a will there is a way. The bookies are out there and we’re going to help you find them.

One tip on how to find a bookie is to simply hang out in places where local bookies are likely to be. It makes sense that the bookies will be where the bettors are. Bettors often gather in sports bars to watch their favorite games, so finding a bookie or two here is basically a given. They also frequently hang out at casinos, hotel bars, and other places where people go to kick back, relax, and let loose. Whenever you step into such an establishment, don’t make any assumptions too quickly. Just observe what’s going on around you. Listen to conversations closely, and try to find the sports fanatics. They can likely point you in the direction of the closest bookie and give you insider advice.
When looking for bookies so you can start betting on sports, don’t be afraid to ask the bartender or waitress at the establishments you visit either. You can even try asking the clerk or cashier at the local liquor stores. Sure, they might answer you in a veiled kind of way or, worst case scenario, tell you to leave, but you’ll know whether you are hot or cold in terms of finding bookies. Always remember to be cool and act natural at all times. Although there is no law which can stop you from betting on sports your bookie is taking some risks by accepting your wagers so be discreet when asking around. The last thing you want is to come across as a cop or something.

As for any prospective bookmakers out there keep in mind that for the most part, even though it’s technically illegal, no one cares about small time bookies. Be selective with potential new clients and try to maintain a low profile. Although you need people to know that you are willing to take betting action you don’t have to advertise with a neon sign hanging over your head.

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