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Costa Rica Offers Bookies Solid Cost Per Head Bookmaking Services

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Costa Rica Cost Per HeadThere are a lot of cost per head companies out there, also known in the industry as bookmaking services. While it may be tempting to think that all of these companies are alike, this is not the case at all. In fact, some services are much better than others in many ways and for a variety of different reasons, such as more up to date technology, better customer service, lower prices, greater betting options for clients, and more. The biggest and most important factor to examine when selecting a PPH service, however, is where it is based. If you find a service based in Costa Rica, then you’re in good hands.

Bookmaking services that care about your safety and security choose to be based in overseas locations like Costa Rica. The main reason that the good cost per head agencies do this is because gambling and sports betting are completely legal in such areas. This means that, when you place a bet, you are not doing anything “wrong” or “illegal” and thus are at a much lower risk of getting into any kind of legal trouble or hassle. In other words, agencies that choose to be based in such areas are protecting you and your best interests.

Many bookmakers who are just starting out are often opposed to using cost per head services based out of countries like Costa Rica due to being misinformed about the facts. Even though Costa Rica has been the heart and soul of offshore gambling for over 30 years rookie bookies are unaware of this and mistakenly avoid bookmaking services located there. The main reason given for avoiding these bookmaking services is because people fear that the staff will be entirely foreign and non-English speaking. They worry that when they have questions, need advice or require any other kind of customer service or support they won’t be able to be understood and get the help they need. While this may be the case with some offshore booking agencies, it isn’t true of all of them.

Bookies in the market for solid cost per head services can breathe a little easier because most of the shops located offshore will have service in English. However, you will have to look a bit harder for the ones that offer an experienced and well trained customer service staff around the clock, and that ensure that each member of their staff speaks fluent English. The only way to find an offshore agency with such reliable customer service is to do your research. Look online to find out all you can about every agency before you sign up, and never be afraid to ask questions of the agency directly.

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