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It’s the slowest week in sports all year long. The NBA and NHL finals are finally over while NFL & NCAA Football is still on the horizon.

Looking back it seems the first half of the major league baseball season went by all too quickly. But here we are and it’s time for MLB to take its annual break at mid season to celebrate their All-Stars Game and let it all hang out at the Home Run Derby.

This will be the 90th MLB All Star Game and it will be hosted this year by the Cleveland Indians at their Progressive Field on July 9th.  Managers for the big game will be Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the National League and Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox for the American League.

Those games are always a lot of fun for players and fans alike as they are usually played in a more or less lighthearted fashion with the emphasis being on having a good time.  The talent out on the playing field at any one time is amazing and inspiring.

Being the slowest week of the year for bettors and bookies as well, the MLB All-Star Break is the perfect time for professional bookies to perhaps pause and take a look around at modern trends and consider either using a pay per head service for the first time, or, perhaps making a switch to upgrade their current service.

Ask yourself if you are still providing the best possible wagering service for your important clients, or, have the systems you are using gone out of date, or out of style? Are you getting timely and accurate reporting 24/7?  Are your players happy with the wagering software solutions you are offering?

To see what the best in the business has to offer, simply check out and find out how good a truly dedicated pay per head service can be.  This time of the year, HostPPH is offering up to 4 weeks free PPH service with no deposit or obligation, just to try them out.

Then ask yourself the most important question, are you happy with your bottom line?  Would not upgrading to a first quality PPH service serve to increase that figure?

If you are a working bookmaker who is looking to upgrade your current pay per head service, HostPPH offers you a chance to significantly enhance to your wagering offerings and wagering software systems that you and your clients use every day.

The MLB All Star Break is the perfect time of the year to breakaway from your old outdated systems and find out why so many professional bookmakers worldwide have switched over to a quality pay per head service like and started getting more out of life while enjoying ever greater profitability.

Think about it!

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